Sipira is a digital currency exchange known as one of the fastest platforms to exchange your Bitcoin into fiat currency. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Sipira Exchanger Review

Sipira is a new player on the crypto exchange market. However, it is getting popular among Bitcoin owners interested in quick transactions without a need to go through a time-consuming registration and verification process introduced by more mature and better-known exchanges.

The platform provides:

  • the highest rates on the market;
  • high security and reliability of the exchanger (hundreds of satisfied customers);
  • privacy (they do not keep or share your personal data with 3rd parties);

How Does It Work?

Sipira website is user-friendly and is perfect for crypto newbies as well as experienced users. All you need to have is a valid PayPal account and some BTC in your pocket. The platform will take care of the rest:

  1. Indicate the amount of BTC that you would like to convert into fiat.
  2. Enter your PayPal email (make sure it’s correct!)

How to Register

The registration process is super easy and does not require much personal information from you. All you need to share is your email address and set a reliable secure password.

How to Sell BTC

With the help of Sipira exchange, you can quickly and easily sell your bitcoin and at the price higher than the average one and get the USD in exchange to your PayPal account. You must use your personal or business PayPal account and make sure that it is verified, not just registered and with trading history.

You must check your PayPal account before clicking the ‘Exchange’ button. If you put incorrect PayPal email, the platform cannot be responsible for any loss.

The transaction time depends on the current demand. guarantees transaction completion after 3 confirmations from BTC network. Transaction completion time should never exceed 24 hours. Contact the support, in case you don’t get your funds after 24 hours after 3rd confirmation passed.

In order to check the status of your transaction, you can either check the transaction status form or contact customer support.

Sipira Fees

You as a customer will receive a confirmation email with the time frame and fee details for each order. It will be sent after successful request creation.

Sipira Limits

There is no minimum or maximum amount that you can exchange. Feel free to exchange any amounts. In case you are dealing with more than 1 BTC, it is recommended to contact a support agent to get more details about the exchange speed.

Sipira Customer Support

Sipira Customer Support is quite impressive as they respond super quickly and the platform encourages their clients to contact support agents in case there any questions or/and misunderstandings. You can always reach the support team via [email protected] or the web form available on their site.

Advantages of Sipira

  • High market rates;
  • Fast speed of transactions
  • User-friendly website
  • No verification process

Summary is a new reliable crypto exchange that offers great service and low fees in order to exchange your bitcoin into fiat currency sent directly to your PayPal account.